Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adv Entertainment class post

posting on my own blog since I couldn't find a way to post it on school blog

Hi guys, here is my Synopsis for this's term project.

Environment is set in post-apocalyptic era of future, conflicts between high tech corporation versus common survivors of wasteland.
Evil Corporation faction has futuristic Sci-fi look, good guys has kit-bashed rag-tag steam punk with little bit of sci-fi

1. Junk town village, peaceful put together village from all sort of mechanic parts.
2. City ruin being engulfed by desert sand.
3. Corporation city, futuristic but polluted city.
4. Under ground laboratory, futuristic environment built to re-vitalize earth.
5. Sanctuary, area with all the green-nature goodness.

1. Main character : gun-slinging cowboy
2. Female mechanic
3. Village Mayor
4. corporate goons
5. mutants

1. Dune-buggy
2. kit bashed objects, guns armor etc
3. corporate high tech sci-fi gears
4. corporate mechs and vehicles

Thursday, May 31, 2012

creature sketches

it had been a while I updated anything on here.

but here goes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

more mech designs

I forgot to add these last week.

Mech and environment sketches

another entertainment project spring 2012 class homeworks.
 going to clean up and color for the final next week.