Thursday, October 21, 2010

Female warrior

Picked up sketch I did 3 years ago, we were making Chinese mythology based game.
Right one is original work , left one I am fixing right now.
Legs were bit too slim and boobs were too small, mainly cosmetic fix :p

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  1. Hi,

    Do you do character design commission work? I'm working on a small videogame project for my final school project (sidescroller), I have been looking for an artist that can design chinese looking garb and other outfits, something I failed to capture (even with my love for old Shaw Brother and old Taiwanese movie productions, I was just not satisfied with the majority of my designs).

    As I am willing to invest some money in my final school project (to kickstart a future career), I am looking for a good character design artist that has a better understanding of chinese costume, as I want my game to be as good as an amateur project can be.

    This character design is the closest I could find to how I want my characters to look, in this kind of flow/area. If you have interest and want to know more info on the job, the pay and whatever else, please send me mail at

    I hope to hear from you :)