Tuesday, October 11, 2011

balls of materials

Did this for my intro to digital painting class.
home work for first week.
took 30min to 2hour per ball.


  1. Cool stuffs Eric! How's the school life treating you? You still go by Yubeck by the way? Take care, dude. Brandon

  2. hey dude!
    yea good to be back at school really.
    after doing 9-10years of working "art" kind of gone stale for me, actually learn something and be creative for once.
    I just use my old name for websites and blog.
    since the name "Eric" is so common haha!
    Thanks for the post man! hope everything is going well for ya!
    where are you working these days?
    oh and you can contact me on facebook, that way i will actually get back to you early.
    take care man!